2019 Marigold Mural
End of October - Check back for dates
The Mural is open to the public to add the name of a loved one (Animal or Human)



Cant make it to the Mural this year?  
I can add your contribution to the Mural

If you would like to add the name and/or image for your loved one, fill out the form about and pay the fee. The service fee covers the website processing fees, my time to paint it and email a photo to you.

Add Name /Message/Drawing to the 2019 Marigold Mural
from 10.00

Can't Make it this year to the mural but want to add something for your loved one.

For a small service fee, Lovejoy will add the name of your loved one to the 2018 Marigold Mural. You will be emailed a photo of the addition

Add the name
of a Loved one (Human or Animal)
$10  --Name only (choose your colors)
$15  --Name + Message (160 character limit)
$15  --Name + small line drawing (symbol/logo/icon, etc)
$20  --Name + message + small line drawing


You will be prompted @ checkout for the info, If you need to email a photo, please email lovejoycreations@gmail.com, INCLUDE your order #

Prior years & More info, click here

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