Become a Creativity  (ART)  Ambassador

You are invited to become a Creativity Ambassador for Lovejoy Creations.

Give a $5 discount, and earn a  8% Commission every time your code is used.


Art Ambassador

Fill Out the form to receive your unique promo code. Distribute the promo code to friends, family and social media circles.  

Unique Code = $5 OFF

1- Inspire your Friends to Paint!

    Paint Your Pet, Cartoon Your Image
    Intro to Knife Painting, etc..

    Birthday, Family Gathering, Girls Night, etc..

    Team building, Unique Event, Fundraising


So you know what you are promoting, I would like you to join one of the Paint Your Pet classes for FREE.
 Details will be Emailed.


Inspire Creativity

             Refer your social circles to be Creative

Digitally distribute your code and promote creativity.  Feel free to use any of the images on this website, and email with any questions.

1- Receive 8% every time your Code is used

  • Regular Scheduled Classes  ($35-55)

  • Private Events ($330-800)

  • Company Team Building ($330-1500)

2- Sell Lovejoy's Artwork
     (Original or Reproductions)
 **receive 10% commission on artwork sales

You will receive a monthly paypal deposit for the purchases that your code was used on

Year-end bonuses will be given based on sales

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Your code and info packet will be sent to you

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