Free Event: Art Critique meet up - Liberty Station

Location of meet up:
Lovejoy Creations Studio
2690 Historic Decatur #201 (92106)
Free Parking

2nd Thursdays of the month 4-6pm

July 11th
Aug 8th
Sept 12th
Oct 10th
Nov 7th
Dec 12th


Open to the Public :
Artists: Beginner to Professional & Art Enthusiasts
ALL WELCOME: All Mediums

1- Bring a piece of art, a positive attitude and willingness to contribute to the conversation

2- We will generally get to critique 8 pieces of art with 15 mins for each piece of art.
If less than 8 show up each piece can be talked about longer

3- Extra: Bring wine or food to share

4- Develop a vocabulary to talk about art in this world and how it affects you & your life
*It’s ok to observe how the art discussion goes

Rules of Engagement:

1- Be constructive, keep it positive.
*even if you don’t like something there is a respectful way to articulate your viewpoint
2- Be respectful:
Of the art & the process of painting
Of others when they speak
Of the space and time

3- Need something specific? email

**those that , make personal digs, are not-constructive or are flat out rude will be asked to leave

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