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Open Studio: Choose your Own Adventure
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Open Studio: Choose Your Own Adventure

Start a new painting or continue working on an existing painting. Let your inner Artist Grow.

 This open studio is arranged so you can paint on something for longer than 1 session, as well as offer the opportunity to start something new of your choice.  Sessions will be offered 2-4 times a month, as popularity of this grows.

$10/hr - Bring your own canvas
Easel, apron, brushes and some paint provided

Choose your # of hours you want to paint -
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3-23-17 @5-8pm
4-2-17 @4-7pm
4-23-17 @4-7PM (sunday)
5-7-17 @4-7pm
5-25-17 @ 5-8pm
6-4-17 @4-7pm
6-22-17 @5-8pm


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