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"You can not use up creativity, The more you use, the more you have"


I believe that there is no right or wrong way to paint/draw as you explore the depths of your creative mind.  When you bring art into your world, your mind is given a different mode of expressing ideas, feelings, frustrations, and joys.  Today more than ever people of all ages need creative outlets to balance all the tech, social, stress, and environmental conditions.  What you learn in the studio will help the flow in other areas of your life.  Art isn't about the price tag, it's about who you are when you started and who you are when the project ended.  The progress you make during the lesson,  is the ultimate goal.  

Many people avoid being creative because they think it has to be perfect. Perfection is a state of perception, and every single human on this planet has a different idea of PERFECT.

There is no such thing as perfect, the othing thing that is perfect in this world is CHANGE.

So Throw out whatever is holding you back from Learning more, its easier than you think.

Each Class:

The beginning of each class is a slideshow and demonstration by Lovejoy for the topic of the day. A small project on topic is given for the class, Lovejoy will help each student individually and offer constructive criticism for areas of growth. . Some work will need to be completed at home and  assignments  will be recommended in between classes

My groups are growing, get 3 or more people together and we can meet once a week, bi weekly or once a month.

All Ages  welcome: 
Continuing Education
Art enthusiasts
Just want to learn

Foundation Drawing Program:

Learn the Fundamentals

  •   Composition

  •   Value

  •   Edges

  •   Perspective/Scale

  •   Color

  • Value Scale with graphite and charcoal

  • Learn to sketch what you see

  • Creative exercises in perspective

  • Build your sketchbook and comfort with drawing

  • Learn to combat destructive thoughts and perceptions

Foundation In Painting Program:

Learn the Fundamentals

  •   Composition

  •   Value

  •   Edges

  •   Perspective/Scale

  •   Color

Learn Your Tools:

  •   Pencils

  •   Charcoal

  •   Acrylics

  •   Colored Pencils

  •   Your mind

  •   Your eyes

Color Theory:

Learn the Fundamentals

  •   Color wheel

  •   Complimentary colors

  •   Psychology of Color

  •   Limited Palette

  •   Joseph Albers


Mentor: Learn More: One-to-One Instruction
from 55.00

Want to Learn more or have one-on-one instruction?
Kids and adults welcome :)
You tell me what you want to learn & your goals and I will develop a class just for you
Foundations of Painting
Foundations of Drawing
Color theory
Painting techniques
Knife painting
personal projects

 "Learn More" classes:
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PROVIDED: Instruction, table easel, water container, Apron, brushes
BRING: Any other supplies you need: paint, canvas, paper, brushes,
(email to have Lovejoy provide supplies for an additional cost)

Private One-on-One
Beginner student
: has found an interest in learning more,. This student will learn more of the things they want to create. We will work together to create a creative plan to bring your idea or desire a reality.

You will receive one to one instruction & positive reinforcement. 

(save 10%)  4 hours = $200  ($50/hr)
(save 15%)  6 Hours = $282  ($47/hr)
(save 20%)  8 hours = $352   ($44/hr)
*bulk hours expire 6 months from purchase *no refunds, or credits.

Group classes: email to see if any groups have openings or to start one.
Learn more, share the costs. 
3-6 students its $100/hr,
7-10 students its $160/hr
The hourly fee is split between the students.
 *Bring your own canvas/paper, paint & brushes or purchase supplies from Lovejoy

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You will be surprised how much fun you have.

Discover talent you never knew was inside you.

You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks, food and beverages.