10-26-19 - Ups & Downs Agility Club- Paint Your Pet-Private event

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10-26-19 - Ups & Downs Agility Club- Paint Your Pet-Private event


Paint Your Pet
Private event -Ups & Downs Agility Club

Private event
10-26-19 @2-5pm SAT

2690 Historic Decatur Rd
#201 Barracks 19 (upstairs)
San Diego, CA 92107
(Free Parking)

Work at Your Pace (up to 3 hours)
Step by Step Instruction
Family Fun (well-behaved kids welcome)
All Supplies & pre-drawn pet included in price
Email a photo of your pet to be pre-drawn on your canvas

$65 dollars

**You will be painting from a photograph. Please do not bring your pet to class. It will be too distracting**

**email 2-3 photographs of your pet at least 2 days prior to the scheduled class.

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FAQ - for Paint your Pet

Can I paint more than one animal/pet on my canvas?
Given the time frame of the class, I recommend 1 pet per canvas. Yet you are more than welcome to paint 2 pets. (limited to 2 pets only)
-If both pets are in the same photo - NO extra charge
-If I have to combine 2 photos it is an ADDITIONAL $10 (bring cash to class)
* I don’t want you to feel rushed, please keep in mind that I also run monthly open studios, you are more than welcome to bring your painting to one of those to finish

What kind of photo should I send?
Photos need to be clear, in-focus & good lighting. The best photo will be chosen. If you have a preference please let me know when you send the photos

Can I bring food, or wine/beer?
Yes you can, please be responsible
bring glasses, cups, plates & utensils
I have a wine opener @ studio

Can my friend come & watch? 
Only paid students are allowed in class, unfortunately my studio is not able to accommodate extra guests, most of my classes are at capacity with paying students.

Can I bring my pet, it's an emotional support animal?
Please leave your pets at home so you can focus on painting.  If everyone brought their pet it would be very distracting for the class.  For emotional support animals, painting is a form of creative therapy, you will gain more benefit if your animal stays at home and you focus on you.  

Can kids attend the class?
Kids 8-13 can attend class with an adult. Both must purchase a seat and both paint. With this age range the kid needs to have this experience with you.
No exceptions,  You CAN NOT sign your kid up and watch while they paint, my studio & classes are NOT set up for that.
Kids 13 and older are welcome to attend the class by themselves, though I do recommend taking the class together as its a fun memory you both will always reference

48 hr cancellation policy?
You can  get a refund or switch your date (up to 2 times) 48 hrs prior to the date of your class. Please email lovejoycreations@gmail.com with your order number and date you want to switch to.  I understand that emergencies (death, illness, car accident, etc..) happen, please email me as soon as you can. 
These classes are usually at capacity (8-10 students), and your materials prepped, unique to each student. A last minute cancel means that someone else, could of taken the class, so again email me asap so I can try to fill your spot.
I am aware that art is an elective fun thing for you, but for me, this is my business and the policy is in place to protect my business and your commitment.

The Value of Your Class?!?!
The Paint Your Pet class is a $250 workshop value that you get for $65.  I understand that people will not do something because of the price tag, especially if they find it intimidating.  I have taught this class for the last 5 years in San Diego, with over 4000 pets painted (and counting) I have witnessed all my students come in scared and nervous , and when they leave they are ear to ear smiles and have gained a new confidence.  

During class YOU will realize that you :
1-  Needed a break from reality
2-  Are more creative than you realize
3-  Need a creative outlet  
4-  Actually enjoyed the process of stepping outside you comfort zone
     (this can be said after the completion of the class)


Give the Best Gift of ALL - Paint Your Pet (with Lovejoy)

Photo Prep + supplies + 1 month of a paint your pet course
$149 -Literally everything you need to PAINT@HOME